Your clients and customers depend on you for sound advice when it comes to real estate settlement closing and title insurance services. Wouldn't it be nice if you could refer your clients to a dependable, quality Title Insurance Agency AND add an extra profit center to your business at the same time?

We Could Be Your Answer!

The Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) has established a way in which individuals or companies can participate with a Title Insurance Agency in a partnership relationship so they can benefit from a successfully managed agency. Our Affiliated Business Arrangement (ABA's) takes advantage of the RESPA guidelines, allowing you to become a limited partner of our successful title insurance agency and earn net profit distributions based on your partnership interest in the agency.

When structured and managed correctly under the RESPA guidelines, ABAs are a simple, easy way to participate as a partner in the title insurance business and add revenue to your bottom line!

Abstract Land Associates and Colonial Valley Abstract have provided the most comprehensive and trusted title work for over 25 years! Our settlement officers have over 60 years of experience and serve many Pennsylvania counties including, but not limited to: Cumberland, Dauphin, York, Adams, Lebanon, Perry, Lancaster and Franklin.

Want to know more? Find how we can work with you to add a successful profit center to your business while serving the needs of your customers. Simply fill out our convenient contact form or call (717) 763-1450 today. We'd love to get to know you and your business!

Add additional income/profitability through title insurance premium fees and other fee income.
Enjoy faster turnaround of documents and efficient follow-up for you and the home buyers you serve.
Experience superior customer service you can recommend with confidence.
Enhance quality control at real estate settlement or closing.
Comply with Federal Government RESPA Laws.
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